San Mateo Park Neighborhood Association would like to publicize and encourage its residents to contribute to this coat drive chaired by two of our Park families Ms. Faye Starr and Ms. Patti Sheedy.  This coat drive will be supporting Samaritan House…. Read More

  • fall on Hurlingham

    Radar Trailer report on traffic speed Poplar Avenue

    At our annual Park Association meeting, a concerned homeowner brought up their issue of speeding on Poplar Avenue.  We requested Larry Patterson to have a radar trailer posted for a week to monitor the traffic patterns and determine if… Read More

  • SMPA 1

    Watering mature trees update

    The City arborist noted that things are very dry and water can’t hurt.  The contractors were more targeted according to the condition of individual trees and also were reasonably consistent in their assessments and recommendations.  Accordingly, we are… Read More

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    San Mateo Park Neighborhood Association

    Welcome to the San Mateo Park Neighborhood Association website.  All residents of San Mateo Park are members of the Association which works to preserve the beauty and enhance the community of this unique neighborhood.

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    Updates from the board Post

    On Thursday, March 19th, past president, Dave Pearson and current president, Virginia McIsaac attended SMHUA meeting at Beresford community center.  Primarily the agenda topic that was discussed with San Mateo City neighborhood representatives was increased traffic due to job… Read More

  • Fall on Hurlingham

    Trees needing water, SMPNA funds used

    The Neighborhood Association Board is putting together a program, in consultation with the City’s Managing Arborist, to provide water for mature trees on our islands. We will prioritize according to general needs of the species and appearance of… Read More